ePortal For Adagio

How much time and expense is being spent entering sales orders from external sources? ePortal for Adagio is designed to receive orders from a variety of sources. For example: EDI, eCommerce, Import or mobile (iPad) devices. Orders are reviewed for accuracy and transferred to Order Entry.

Key features

• Received order from EDI, eCommerce, Import or mobile devices
• Orders are reviewed before they are transferred to Order Entry
• EDI 850 Orders and 810 Invoices
• eCommerce support for CommerceHub, Cin7, RevCascade, and more to follow
• Import order sheets that are completed by your customers
• Receive orders from mobile devices (iPads)
• Cross reference items with barcodes
• Cross reference customers or stores with trading partner IDs
• Import trading partners and bar codes
• Several line types are supported, including items, misc charges, comments, text blocks and serial numbers
• Listing reports and audit trails are included
• Use Order Entry specs to print order confirmations
• User group security, menu level and functionality
• Customer, Item and Sales Order inquiries
• Export to Excel for all data grids
• Support for GridView and the Toolkit for Adagio

Demo version

To receive an evaluation copy of this product, please complete this on-line form.

Video presentation

Check out the brief video presentation for this product.


Adagio Resellers can order the product on behalf of their client, using this on-line form.


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ePortal for Adagio
ePortal for Adagio