ePortal for Adagio Desktop

ePortal for Adagio

Save time and expense by avoiding the manual entry of sales orders from external sources. 

ePortal for Adagio receives orders from a variety of sources, such as EDI, eCommerce, import or mobile devices. Orders are reviewed for accuracy and then transferred to Order Entry as sales orders.

Pair ePortal for Adagio with Mobile Orders for a mobile sales force solution.




Key Features

  • Receive orders from EDI, eCommerce, by import, mobile devices, or any combination thereof.
  • Orders are reviewed before they are transferred to Order Entry. Problematic orders are flagged and cannot be transferred to Order Entry until their issues are resolved.
  • Time wasting manual entry is completely avoided.
  • Receive EDI 850 Orders and send EDI 810 Invoices.  Partnering with SPS Commerce.
  • eCommerce support for Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHub, Cin7, RevCascade, SellerCloud, and more to follow.
  • Functions are provided to set up your connections, trading partners and barcodes.
  • Trading Partner IDs are connected to customers.
  • Barcodes are connected to inventory items.
  • Import order spreadsheets that are completed by your customers.
  • Receive orders from salespeople on mobile devices using Mobile Orders for Adagio.
  • Use the ePortal transfer utility to schedule transfers at specific intervals, or at a specified time.
  • Several line types are supported, including items, miscellaneous charges, comments, text blocks and serial numbers.
  • Listing reports and audit trails are included.
  • Use Order Entry specs to print order confirmations.
  • Adagio User group security, menu level and functionality are supported.
  • Make Customer, Item and Sales Order inquiries just like Adagio OrderEntry.
  • Export to Excel for all data grids.
  • Supports GridView, DataCare and the Toolkit for Adagio.


ePortal pricing is dependent upon outside services and the extent of customization required. Please contact us for a quote for your specific install. 

How To Order

Adagio Resellers can order products on behalf of clients here. If this is your first order, please complete the Reseller Application Form.

If you are an End User and you need a referral to an Adagio Consultant Reseller, please contact us.

Demo Version

ePortal for Adagio is maintained by programmers with over 25 years experience developing Adagio products. You can be assured that future versions of Adagio products will be supported with parallel release dates.

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