Mobile Orders for Adagio

Mobile Orders for Adagio

Mobile Orders for Adagio pairs with ePortal to allow salespeople to collect and send orders from the field using their iPads or iPhones.

Mobile Orders works in tandem with ePortal for Adagio to connect salespeople in the field with the office. It offers simple, intuitive order entry functionality which mirrors Adagio OrderEntry in a mobile iOS application. Item, customer and order inquiries are fast and simple. Completed orders are sent to a secure hosted database, and are then retrieved by the host (office) via ePortal for Adagio, where they are reviewed and subsequently sent through to Adagio OrderEntry for processing.



Key Features

  • Start orders from either the order screen or the customer screen.
  • Search allows the salesperson to look up items, customers and orders quickly by description or code.
  • Supports price lists and alternate items.
  • Handles all taxes as defined within Adagio.
  • Add comments to orders, using predefined text blocks, or free form, with the option to display or hide comments from the customer.
  • Handles miscellaneous charges.
  • Orders are displayed as either open, held, confirmed or received.
  • Uses intuitive iOS functions like swipe to delete, pop-up calculator, scrolling date selection, share to email and Maps.
  • An approval field allows the customer to add their signature via touch screen.
  • View the order as a PDF.
    Share order PDFs via email or AirDrop.
  • Print orders via AirPrint.
  • Link to Maps from the customer screen to simplify service calls for salespeople.
  • Initiate emails from within the customer screen.
  • Download and upload on demand, or use the ePortal transfer utility to schedule transfers either at specific intervals or at a specified time.


Mobile Orders pricing is determined by the number of devices it supports, on a monthly recurring basis. Please contact us for a quote for your specific install. 

How To Order

Adagio Resellers can order products on behalf of clients here. If this is your first order, please complete the Reseller Application Form.

If you are an End User and you need a referral to an Adagio Consultant Reseller, please contact us.

Demo Version

Mobile Orders for Adagio is maintained by programmers with over 25 years experience developing Adagio products. You can be assured that future versions of Adagio products will be supported with parallel release dates. 

See Mobile Orders In Action