Dakota Software

Technical Support


We have a range of support options available to minimize disruption to your business and to give you peace of mind. These options include both on-site and remote support as well as proactive support to ensure that your critical systems are well maintained.


Contact Technical Support

 The first step in getting technical support from Dakota Software is to get in touch with us.

T: (604) 986-1198
E: support@dakotasoftware.com 

Download TeamViewer

We are able to solve most of our clients’ technical support issues remotely, and we find TeamViewer is the best tool for this. If you have not already booked an online technical support session with Dakota Software, please call us at (604) 986-1198 so we can make ourselves available as soon as possible. If you have been instructed to download TeamViewer, please use the button below:


Upload Files

From time to time we require you to upload files to our servers. If you have been asked to do this, you can find our file upload link here:


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