Rentals for Adagio desktop

Rentals for Adagio

Ideally suited for the construction industry, Rentals for Adagio is specifically designed for companies that rent, sell or service equipment, where recurring billing and rental inventory management are crucial.

Ideal industries include construction equipment, machinery, tools, scaffolding, fencing and forms.

Get seamless integration with Adagio Receivables, Inventory, Sales Analysis and Ledger. Invoices are automatically generated, printed and transferred to Receivables. Rental contracts and invoice forms are fully customizeable to meet the needs of different industries, equipment and rental scenarios.



Rental Management Made Easy

  • User-defined rental contracts can be open-ended with periodic or recurring billing of rented items, consumables or miscellaneous charges.
  • Billing methods are versatile and capable of billing in advance or arrears, on different cycles and rates.
  • Service records can be applied to rented items. When these are combined with original cost and rental revenue, you get a clear picture of your return on investment.
  • Summarized rental and management reports are provided, to help identify booking conflicts and delinquent items.
  • A standard Adagio “look and feel” makes Rentals easy for any Adagio user to learn quickly.

Key Features

  • Sales of parts and supplies
  • Miscellaneous charges for shipping, handling and services
  • An iPhone app to view contracts and edit notes
  • Invoices are generated, printed and transferred to Receivables
  • Invoices can be edited before they are posted
  • Contracts and invoices are user-designed
  • Reservation, quote and contract templates
  • Contract and rental item notes
  • Contract grids formatted with styles, filters and sort orders
  • Archives of completed contracts
  • Site codes for summarizing contracts and billing
  • Customer and item alerts
  • Optional header and detail fields
  • Credit on rented or purchased items
  • Ship-to addresses
  • Ability to insert blocks of text and instructions
  • Versatile billing methods, including minimum charge, in advance or arrears
  • Item availability grid for reviewing rented or booked items
  • Rental item management for rates, cost, serial numbers and history
  • Service records for tracking cost, repairs and ROI
  • Management reports for delinquent items, conflicts and profitability
  • Sales clerk tracking
  • Service codes
  • Workstation options and user preferences
  • Menu, function and field level security
  • Supports GridView, DataCare and the Toolkit for Adagio


$4995, including the first year of maintenance and support.

Demo Version

How To Order

Adagio Resellers can order products on behalf of clients here. If this is your first order, please complete the Reseller Application Form.

If you are an End User and you need a referral to an Adagio Consultant Reseller, please contact us.

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