National Accounts For Adagio

National Accounts for Adagio is useful to companies that deal with chain stores, branch offices or subsidiary accounts, where the head office pays the bill. A single payment can be easily applied to outstanding invoices.

Current and prior versions of Adagio Receivables and General Ledger are supported. Multicurrency is supported. A/R data is required.

The national account and sub-accounts all exist as customers. They can each maintain their own receivables. You can associate a national account with any number of sub-accounts.

With National Accounts, you can create/print/post cash batches. The only difference to Adagio Receivables is the added ability to apply a single check against the outstanding invoices from a number of customers. Regular cash payments can also be posted.

For example, a company sells toner cartridges to a number of schools. The schools are invoiced, but the school board pays their bill with a single check. Without this product, it can be a time consuming process to find the invoices that should be paid.

Reports can be summarized by national account. For example, the Customer Trial Balance and Customer Transaction Report.

Existing Adagio users will appreciate the common ‘look & feel’ and shared functionality. For example, users, groups, data entry, reporting, import/export, backup and data integrity checker.

Key features

• Cash entry by national account. Associated customers can be easily paid with a single check
• National acconts can assigned to any number of customers.
• Aged Trial and Customer Transaction reports grouped by national account.
• Standard Adagio menu functions, such as import, export, users, group security, backup and data integrity checking.
• Support for Adagio Receivables 9.0A, 9.1A, 9.2A and 9.3A.
• Re-designed cash entry with field templates and sizable forms.
• ExcelDirect exports of data grids.


• National Accounts for Adagio sells for $1495.
• $299 for the annual upgrade plan.

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National Accounts for Adagio