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Product: Toolkit Configuration

G/L Account Changer
G/L Department Changer
G/L Batch Changer
G/L Edit Posted Transactions
A/R Customer Changer
A/R Re-calculate Customer Statistics
A/R ShipTo Changer (or O/E)
A/R Salesperson Changer (or O/E or Q/I)
A/R Territory Changer
A/R Edit Customer Transactions
A/R (or A/P) Control Acct Changer
A/P Vendor Changer
A/P Re-calculate Vendor Statistics
A/P Edit Vendor Transactions
A/P (or B/R) Bank Code Changer
A/I Item Changer
I/C Item Changer
I/C Re-calculate Item Sales
I/C Clear Item Quantity & Cost
I/C Delete Items
I/C Item Format Changer
I/C Unit Of Measure Changer
I/C Location Changer
I/C Category Changer
I/C Price List Code Changer
J/C Job Cost Changer
P/O Document Format Changer
P/O Sundry Item Changer
P/O Vendor Changer
P/O ShipTo Changer
Home Currency Changer

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