Toolkit for Adagio

The Toolkit for Adagio is an essential collection of utilities for Adagio. All Adagio products are supported. Please refer to our compatibility chart for details.
Adagio Ledger Account Code Changer  
  Department Code Changer  
  Open Batch Changer  
  Edit Posted Transactions  
Adagio Receivables Customer Number Changer  
  ShipTo Code Changer  
  Re-calculate Customer Statistics  
  Salesperson Changer  
  Territory Changer  
  Edit Customer Transactions  
Adagio Payables Vendor Number Changer  
  Re-calculate Vendor Statistics  
  Edit Vendor Transactions  
Adagio Invoices Item Code Changer  
  Salesperson Changer  
Adagio Inventory Item Code Changer  
  Item Format Changer  
  Category Code Changer  
  Location Code Changer  
  Unit Of Measure Changer  
  Re-calculate Item Sales History  
  Clear Item Quantity & Costs  
  Delete Items  
  Price List Changer  
Adagio OrderEntry ShipTo Code Changer  
  Salesperson Changer  
Adagio JobCost Job/Phase/Category Code Changer  
Purchase Orders For Adagio Sundry Item Changer  
  Document Format Changer  
  Sundry Vendor Changer  
  Ship/Bill To Changer  
All Adagio Modules Home Currency Code Changer  

Future versions of the toolkit will include functions that have not been provided by the Adagio modules, were requested by users or dealers, or those made obsolete in moving from ACCPAC Plus.

Existing Adagio users will appreciate the common ‘look & feel’ and shared functionality. For example: security, data entry, reporting, import/export and backup.

Toolkit for Adagio is maintained by programmers with 20 years experience developing Adagio products. End users can be assured that future versions of Adagio products will be supported with parallel release dates.

We're always interested in suggestions for new Toolkit functions. If you don't find what you're looking for, let us know.

Key features

• The ability to change, combine or copy codes. When codes are combined, the associated data is also combined. For example, statistics, transactions and outstanding balances.
• Change all of your customer and vendor codes to a new format.
• The original code can be retained for cross-referencing. The description is changed to reflect the new code. After x days, the cross-reference can be removed.
• An audit trail records all changes and can be printed in summary or detail.
• With the Item Format changer, you can change the number of segments, rearrange or resize segments. For example, you can change a single segmented item into a multi-segmented item or visa versa.
• The clear inventory function is useful if you wish to reset inventory levels or create a secondary I/C database. It’s also used to clear and remove obsolete items, quantity and costs. Quantity on sales orders and purchase orders are preserved.


• $1495 for the complete product or
• $495 for the first function and $195 for additional functions.
• Existing Toolkit users on an upgrade plan can purchase additional functions for $195 or upgrade to the complete product for the difference in price already paid.
• The annual upgrade plan is 20% of the purchase price.
• Purchase a 2 year upgrade plan and receive a 3rd year for free. ***

Demo version

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Toolkit for Adagio

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